Guide: What are the fees for a credit card?

There are essentially two types of fees for credit cards, namely the annual fees on the one hand and the transaction costs or the “operating fees” on the other.

Any further debit interest should be taken into account if the cardholder uses a granted credit limit and the credit card account is at least temporarily in the red. In addition, other fees may apply, which the issuer only charges for the additional services requested by the customer.


Annual fees

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The annual fee is calculated by many credit card issuers, regardless of the card usage. The cardholder then pays a fixed fee of, for example, 30 dollars a year. However, there are currently more and more banks that – at least for certain credit card variants – are waiving the annual fees. This is often the case with student credit cards, standard credit cards and prepaid credit cards, for example. With premium credit cards, however, the additional services usually charge a slightly higher annual fee, which can range up to more than 100 dollars.


Cash disposal fee

The transaction fees for credit cards include the fees that are calculated when cash is dispensed at an ATM. In Germany and often in all other countries that have the euro as their legal currency, there is usually no fee for cash withdrawals. The situation is different for orders in foreign currency. Here, the banks usually charge fees ranging between 1-3 percent of the sales amount. Often there is also a minimum fee per cash disposition of between 5-10 dollars.


Foreign assignment fee

Cash disposal fee

The foreign transaction fee is a fee that is usually only charged if the cardholder pays cashlessly in a foreign currency or equips himself with a foreign currency at an ATM abroad. Here too it depends on the respective credit card issuer how high the fees are. Depending on the amount ordered, the fees usually range between 5-15 dollars.


Other credit card fees

In addition to the aforementioned fees, there may be additional fees for additional services that the cardholder would like to use. This may include the following fees, for example:

  • for a replacement card
  • for partner card
  • for a desired motif
  • Top up the prepaid credit card

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